SAMSUNG CSCApril 18, 2014

Dearest Friends,

The last week has brought some ministry changes since two of my English students returned to their home Countries in the last seven days (one to South Korea to live, another to Mexico for two months).

This created an opportunity to pursue other ministries since I will be teaching four less English classes each week…the question in my mind was “what should be pursued?”

After praying about it for a while I decided the Lord wanted me to focus on some things that I’m very passionate about, but haven’t had the time or energy to do properly.

  1. Use as a discipleship or mentoring tool:  This would involve writing a lot more (often two articles or posts a day) using things like video updates, Bible Studies, and two-week blog post series  to teach lessons I’ve learned about missions.
  2. Start offering free computer tutoring:  I absolutely love computers (always have) and plan to begin advertising a free computer tutoring service in the area, usually would involve meeting at a coffee shop or restaurant for an hour to answer questions they may have about computers or technology.
  3. Stop Running Alone:  As a result of the fun I’ve had training with a running group twice a week I am going to start training with friends (or anyone interested in running) on the nights we don’t have training.  It’s always easier to run in groups, and will give me a chance to make new friends
  4. Look for Mentoring Opportunities:  One of my favorite ministries over the last year was a mentoring program where I met with two High School seniors each week.  I’m currently praying the Lord would allow me to meet with individuals of any age once every week or two for coffee so we can talk about life.
  5. Sharing My Burden for Australia:  Its been harder since I’ve been on the road for three weeks lately, but looking forward to meeting with Churches outside the Winston-Salem area so they can learn more about what God is doing in Australia.

Please pray I can use this extra time and energy wisely since each of these new opportunities are directly connected to outreaches that God is leading me to begin in Australia.

In Christ,

John Wilburn


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